Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is coming to Canada, and he's taking his incredible presentation with him. That's right truth fans, Richard is touring Canada in the spring of 2014, and currently has 18 locations booked all across the country. This is incredible news following the historical actions of the ReThink911 campaign, which is still ongoing. Much more to come on this in the coming weeks and months, but below is what the tour looks like as of now. You can, and I suggest you do, get more information and order tickets from the 911 Justice Canada website.

March 13 – Prince George – TBA

March 14 – Vancouver – Delta Burnaby – Grand Ballroom

March 15 – Victoria – Alix Goolden Hall

March 16 – Edmonton – Library Theatre

March 17 – Calgary – University of Calgary – Libin Lecture Theatre

March 18 – Saskatoon – Broadway Theatre (tickets will go on sale by December 15, 2013)

March 19 – Winnipeg – Garrick Centre

March 20 – Toronto – Venue to be determined

March 21 – Brampton – Rose Theatre (tickets will go on sale by Dec. 15, 2013)

March 22 – St. Catherines/Brock University

March 24 – Ottawa – Bronson Centre (Waiting for link for ticket sales, will be on sale by Dec. 15, 2013)

March 25 – Sherbrooke, Quebec or Quebec City (venue to be determined)

March 26 – Montreal – McGill University (Leacock Auditorium 132)

March 27 – Moncton, New Brunswick

March 28 – Fredericton, New Brunswick – Fredericton Conference Centre

March 30 – PEI – Harbourfront Theatre (Will go on sale by Dec. 15, 2013)

March 29 – St. Johns, Newfoundland – Memorial University of Newfoundland, Bruneau Lecture Theatre

March 31 – Halifax – Bella Rose Theatre

Seriously, it's time to Rethink 9/11. Click the image below

After months of planning and crowd sourced fundraising, the global Rethink911 campaign has kicked off. The purpose of this new campaign is to raise awareness about 9/11 like never before. The main focus of this particular initiative will be on building 7, as it remains the number one smoking gun. There are still millions of people in the world who don't even know that a 3rd building collapsed that day, several hours after the twin towers did. By raising awareness about this smoking gun, it is believed that a high percentage of people will take a 2nd and 3rd look into the massive collection of damning evidence that has amassed over the past 12 years. Most people from there eventually realize that what they've been officially told about that day is impossible.

The main focus will be ads all over the world for the entirety of September, and they include:

■ A 54-foot-tall billboard at 47th Street and 7th Avenue in New York’s Times Square,
■ 45 taxi top ads in Washington D.C.
■ 60 taxi top ads in Boston,
■ 30 taxi top ads in Chicago,
■ A billboard on Dallas’ Stemmons Freeway near the Feizy Center,
■ 100 poster on San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit
■ A mobile billboard in San Diego from September 5 to September 11
■ A 60-foot-tall billboard in Toronto’s Dundas Square,
■ 300 posters on Ottawa buses,
■ 8 transit shelter posters in downtown Vancouver,
■ A billboard and four street boards in downtown London, and,
■ 150 street posters in downtown Sydney.

Besides the ad campaign, there is also a brand new worldwide petition that you can, and should, sign. The Rethink911 website has a bunch of action items that you can take part in actually. Head on over there to check them out, and to take part.

Before you go, please watch this official Rethink911 video... and be sure to pass it on!

Unfortunately, it's been quite some time since the video section of this page has been updated. An overhaul was badly needed too, considering most of the videos were broken and not playable, due to no longer being found at the original source they were when first embedded. Time was dedicated to this task last month, however, and now all previously posted videos are playable again.

Better still, the section was expanded and a bunch new 9/11 related videos were added. There were 32 new additions in fact, which brings the total in the collection to just shy of 100 documentaries. Check out the index to see what ones are there (and please let us know if there are any that we are missing). The newest ones that were added recently are listed below:

Please share this campaign far and wide! It has much potential to reach a huge audience.

About the Campaign:
ReThink911 is the first ever global 9/11 anniversary campaign. Sponsored by a coalition of more than 40 organizations, ReThink911 will be seen in 11 major cities around the world this September 2013.

The campaign will include outdoor and transit advertising on subways, taxi tops and billboards worldwide, coupled with grassroots actions involving thousands of concerned citizens and guerilla advertising in the form of bumper stickers, lawn signs, t-shirts and more. ReThink911 will launch on September 1st and continue for the entire month of September.

Join us in this historic effort.