If you're in the Vancouver area this weekend, be sure to check out what Vancouver 9/11 Truth are up to in support of 9/11 Truth and the 10th anniversary. Have a look at this recent mailing from the group:

Here in Vancouver we're organizing a weekend of events to highlight the 10th Anniversary.
SEPTEMBER 10th : Our 911 Tent and Truth Bus will be participating in the Annual Davie Day Festival, we invite you to come down and enjoy the day, it regularly brings a crowd of 30-40,000.

SEPTEMBER 10th : Vancouver Premiere of EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE, EXPERTS SPEAK OUT, the AE911Truth Film. 7pm at the Denman Theatre, doors open at 6:30pm

SEPTEMBER 11th : V911Truth is co hosting the Zeitgeist Media Festival, www.zeitgeistvancouverfestival.com we have 9 Speakers, 11 Bands and 30 other groups attending with their tents in support of the day.

The 911 Truth Movement is becoming a more accepted presence in mainstream thinking, the speakers will address a number of topics, under-toned by the events of 9/11 and the music will be very entertaining and one of the feature acts is the Truther Superstar, GeminEye.

The Festival will be raising no perishable food items for the Qwest Food Exchange, that focuses on areas in need, such as the Downtown Eastside.

We ask that you come out now and support the Vancouver 911 Truth Society, however you can, we happily accept donations, which helps us create the events, such as Davie Day and the Zeitgeist Media Festival and keep to the "Truth Bus" running.

Look forward to seeing you there, please email back if you would like to volunteer or help, it's a critical time and thank you in advance for any consideration!

VANCOUVER 911 TRUTH SOCIETY: http://vancouver911truth.org/
It's going to be a great weekend for 9/11 Truth in BC!


  1. Nalliah // 8:44 AM  

    The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Senior Legal Counsel of the 9/11 Commission have all disassociated themselves from the report and have charged that their work was deliberately blocked by Washington. One member of the 9/11 Commission, former Senator Max Cleland claimed that the investigation was compromosed. Nothing addsup and there are enough Washington made conspiracies that require far more urgent attention than the 9/11 coverups.

    Very recently NATO and the Transitional National Council of Libya gave the people of Sirte in Libya 10 days to surrender or face a massacre. Food, water and electricity were cut off and they were subjected to shelling by artillery and aerial bombing by NATO. This is another ‘October 14, 2004’ - the day when water and electricity were cut off to Falluja, when the starvation of the population and a 3-week long bombing spree began before the final assault by US Marines killing 4,000 civilians.

    US troops have summarily executed hundreds of civilians and that there is evidence (not allegations) that people were handcuffed and shot dead. The man captured a few months ago in Pakistan by the US claimed to have been Osama bin Laden, was summarily executed in gross violation of all norms and laws of civilized military conduct. NATO wants to formalize the process of handing over prisoners to parties who are known to use torture, a procedure that violates international law, according to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Dr Juan Mendez.

    ‘The USA will behave with others multilaterally when it can and unilaterally as they must’ - The former United States Secretary of State Madeline Albright.