It's rather sad that we celebrate such minor things, but it is worthwhile to note that 9/11 Truth via the Toronto Hearings did make some recent headlines in Mainstream news Canada recently. No, there wasn't countless articles filled with information all across this great country (as there should have been) but there were 3 articles to note. Any promotion is good promotion right?

For truthers, 9/11 was an inside job
Globe and Mail - BY COLIN FREEZE

The truthers are out there: Toronto Hearings on the events of September 11
National Post - BY MEGAN O'TOOLE

Toronto Hearings to examine 'state crime' of 9/11
The Montreal Gazette - BY MEGAN O'TOOLE

In France, news of the Toronto Hearings broke loose in a major way when over 1 million viewers saw information on Building 7 on France 3. You can watch the footage of that below:

As the findings from the Toronto Hearings are developed and published plus the Building 7 campaign continuing to rage on, I'm sure this coverage is only the tip of what's going to come.


  1. HCC // 11:54 PM  

    What we are all forgetting this 9/11 of 2011 is that CANADA is being annexed to the USA & Mexico on the "security" pretext of 9/11: PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS & MEMBERS TO JOIN THE CANADIAN BOYCOTT! STARTS TODAY! Official nation-wide boycott of stores, companies & products owned by members of the CANADIAN COUNCIL OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES (CCCE) for the 9/11-related annexation of Canada into the North American Union.

  2. Anti Money Laundering // 3:03 PM  

    Justice should always be mans' objective. The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.