In reference to the last post, World 9/11 Truth is publically inviting Mr. Ingatieff to the May 3rd conference in Montreal featuring David Ray Griffen and Richard Gage.  The Liberal leader believes that Al Qaeda alone carried out 9/11 so this conference would likely blow his mind.  He should definitely check it out.

More on the conference can be found here.

Canadian Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff Says Overwhelming Evidence Al Qaeda Did 9/11

When asked by a We Are Change Victoria (British-Columbia, Canada) member “when can we expect a new investigation, with subpoena powers, in Canada to fulfill our moral and legal duty on behalf of the victims?“, leader of the official Canadian opposition, Michael Ignatieff — after a clear moment of discomfort — simply replied there was “overwhelming evidence that Al Qaeda, from Afghanistan, did 9/11.”

A few questions come to mind and we would love to interview Mr. Ignatieff, who has fair chances to become the next Prime Minister of Canada, and ask him to talk about this “overwhelming” evidence. Maybe he could explain how Al Qaeda was able to have NORAD stand down for over 80 minutes? Or how 3 towers collapsed at free-fall acceleration?

To be fair, Ignatieff was only stating the official Canadian position towards the 9/11 attacks. Any prominent politician in Canada would have answered the same way. What they fail to realize is Canada’s public opinion regarding the September 11, 2001 attacks is currently shifting and soon, a majority of Canadians will demand a new independent investigation into this tragic event which is still used as a pretext for war. Canada is a long-time partner of the Afghan war. Over 140 Canadian troops have been killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of this illegal invasion.

We publicly invite Mr. Ignatieff to attend our conference in Montreal on May 3rd, the largest 9/11 conference in Canada with Dr. David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage, AIA, and see the overwhelming evidence that controlled demolition with the use of explosive is the only plausible scientific explanation for the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center towers.