World911Truth is doing a brilliant job at promoting this incredible event and as you can read below, they need any help they can get to further their efforts:

World for 9/11 Truth is currently organizing the largest 9/11 conference in Canadian history and we need your support now.

We present Richard Gage, AIA and Dr. David Ray Griffin in Montreal on May 3rd, 2010 in a well-known University in the heart of downtown Montreal. 730 people are expected to attend this one-night conference. Nearly 15,000 flyers have been distributed in the city so far and we will send our official press release to over 1,500 journalists.

The entire video of this historic conference will be made available on the Internet for free.

We will have a MAJOR mainstream media breakthrough in Montreal starting next week. We cannot talk about it yet, but our goal of reaching out to 300,000+ people will be reached easily. We are about to reach out to nearly 1 million people here in Montreal and we want to add a second night for Richard Gage (same place, 730 seats).

The only way we can do this is with your financial support.
Help us maximize our momentum. DONATE TODAY. Don’t wait. We need your support now. Make that ChipIn explode!

This HUGE 9/11 truth blast in Montreal is costly. Help us make this a 9/11 truth event this city and country will not forget.

100% of the profits of May 3rd’s conference will be donated to AE911Truth to support one of their very important upcoming projects.

To donate now (via credit card or PayPal), simply click the “ChipIn” button below: