Below is a collection of 9/11 truth action across Canada for February 2010, which happens to be the 3rd anniversary of the 'Eleventh of every Month initiative'.  You can read more about that and see some incredible international events as well at when you're finished checking out the actions of Canadians first of course :)

Ottawa Truth Action

Edmonton 9/11 Truth Action

Kitchener Truth Action

Bravo everyone.  It's all very inspiring what you do!



  1. Friends and Supporters of 911 Truth // 2:53 AM  

    Nice Job ! thankyou for posting these

  2. Friends and Supporters of 911 Truth // 2:55 AM  

    Could you also post this action, This was on the 11th of February in Edmonton too.

    Thank you Canada!

  3. Stephen Eli Harris // 12:50 PM  

    Not a problem! I just reposted this article with that vid included.

    Great job again!