The March on Ottawa was a huge success by all meanings of the phrase. The only negative thing I can possibly say about the event is that it sucks that I couldn't be there to represent Newfoundland 9/11 Truth and just be able to share that bond with fellow like minded folk.

Anyway, check out some or all the following videos which were posted on the forum by the Ottawa crowd.

If you'd like to check out some pics of the event, try here or here.

From Vancouver BC to Montreal Quebec
August 29 - September 7
Traveling in the Truth Bus

Nelson BC

From Montreal to Ottawa (12 Part series)
September 7 - 11
Walking on foot for four days

(Listen to the comments starting at around 1:25)

At the Masonic Temple in Montreal - Part 1

At the Masonic Temple in Montreal - Part 2

Other scenes from the march from Montreal to Ottawa

September 11, 2008
Parliament Hill - Ottawa Ontario

COP "I never saw so many cameras"

Nathan Moulton of Calgary 9/11 Truth

Big Brother watching us

Helecopter with a big camera on the side

Military chopper flying over Parliament Hill

Protesters being filmed by Gordon MacDonald of The Privy Council Office

The Privy Council Office (PCO) provides essential advice and support to the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Our goal is to help the Government of Canada serve Canada and Canadians.

Activists confront Privy Council worker for filming them

Many thanks to the following Canadian Truth groups for their participation in this March

Calgary Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Frasier Valley British Columbia
Kitchener Ontario
Montreal Quebec
Ottawa Ontario
Quebec City Quebec
Smith Falls Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Vancouver British Columbia
Winnipeg Manitoba

and also to the following We Are Change Chapters
Ottawa Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Vancouver British Columbia

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