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The film, entitled “Unfair Dealing”, is the creation of Toronto-area broadcaster David Weingarten. “Unfair Dealing” examines the ongoing case of 18 mostly Muslim Canadians, arrested during the summer of 2006 and accused of plotting to detonate fertilizer-bombs in Southern Ontario. The film contains exclusive interviews with:
  • Tariq Abdelhaleem, father of suspect Shareef Abdelhaleem
  • Ken Kerr, witness and neighbour of the warehouse which received the bomb-making materials, or ammonium nitrate

QUOTE: “Any features we’ve seen on this particular topic are pretty biased,” says writer and narrator David Weingarten. “They unfairly paint the suspects a shade of guilty.”

“We’ve created a film that looks at the suspects the way they’re supposed to be looked at in a free and just society – innocent until proven guilty.”

“Our documentary serves as a comprehensive guide to how this case developed into what it has.”

“Unfair Dealing” also examines some of the controversial evidence and facts involved in the ongoing case of alleged “homegrown terrorism”, including:

  • The fact that federal MP Wajid Kahn was instrumental in surveillance of the suspects
  • The fact that one paid informants degree in ‘agricultural engineering’ gave him - and only him - the capability to buy the alleged bomb-making fertilizer
  • The fact that the warehouse which received the bomb-making materials is within 500 meters of the RCMP detachment in Newmarket, Ontario, at 1228 Gorham St., Unit 6
  • The allegation that the RCMP secured the rental of the warehouse - not the suspects - according to an exclusive interview with Ken Kerr of 1228 Gorham Street, as told to him by the warehouse co-owner, Robert Lassaline. This allegation challenges Crown documents stating that Shareef Abdelhaleem was the one to secure rental of the warehouse
  • The well-documented history of RCMP and CSIS dirty-trick tactics and staged operations (Phony FLQ Manifesto, Barn-Burning, Operation Bricole, Operation Ham, Operation Kabriole, Project Thread, Etc…)

QUOTE: “As we have seen in the taser-death of Robert Dziekanski, and during the RCMP dirty-tricks campaign at the SPP Montebello protests in Quebec, citizen-journalism has the potential to break news and information, and command political attention in the form of inquiries and investigations” says writer and narrator David Weingarten. “This film highlights some of the little-known facts about an extremely important case that is likely to remain in the courts for years. It really is something the public needs to see.”

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