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Investigate 9/11
"With the smell of a federal election in the spring air"
Edmonton911Truth Poll initiated a day ago asks the question which political party will be the first to introduce in Ottawa the call for a new 9/11 investigation into the murders of 24 Canadians.
This poll comes on the heels of the Tory government possibly toppling over the mission in Afghanistan and its time line issue. The Conservatives want to continue the mission without a time line , The Liberals want our troops out of conflick by February and the NDP want this mission ended now. The National Party of Canada seems to out maneuvering all parties as the party most likely to introduce an investigation into the events of 9/11 in Ottawa. Not one CAP member has been elected.
We are please with the huge response to this poll. It shows Canadians want answers as to the questions of 9/11.
Also the American has picked up this poll and the comments are encouraging.
Add your vote and comments to the poll at

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