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On Wednesday, February 13th, Barrie Zwicker was invited to be a guest on the publicly funded TV Ontario television program, "The Agenda with Steve Paikin". The episode was originally billed as "Paranoid Political Imagination - Understanding conspiracy theories: Why do some people see things that most don't", this was on Monday the 11th.

The "agenda" seems to have been to have Zwicker on the show, showcase him as a paranoid "Conspiracy Theorist" and then have a panel follow up and explain why he was a paranoiac. However, Zwicker was so damn good in the opening segment with Paikin, that the episode was re-named, "Barrie Zwicker - Conspiracy Anyone?", and split into two distinct segments, the first with Zwicker, called "The Interview - Fact or fiction? Writer Barrie Zwicker on the real story behind 9/11", and the second segment a rather typical establishment rationalization of "Conspiracy Theories" called "The Debate: Conspiracy Anyone? - Why do some people see things that most don't? The rising popularity and seductive logic of conspiratorial thinking", which you can view as a streaming episode or podcast D/L at the show's website:

The second segment uses the film Zeitgeist as a launching point for a mundane round of excuse making for official lies.

The show's blog entry features some lively discussion, might as well chip in;

Paging Laurie Manwell, your expertise is required for a rebuttal to the TVO "panel"...

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