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After being a member of this website and contributor to their forums for many months with over 300 posts (let alone thousands of page loads and ad impressions), my account was no longer active on last night for no apparent reason at all. I go no warnings and no messages about my behaviour or discussions were sent to me, but out of nowhere an (automatic so it seems) email was sent to me stating that my account was disabled.

Now, one would think that perhaps I was a bad boy or that I broke some forum rules apon reading this at first, but when I revisited the site, I noticed something quite peculiar; all the threads that I had posted on were no longer able to be found. None of them. What's interesting about this is that 99% of my posts were dealing with all aspects of 9/11 (The Truth of course) and while most people didn't agree with me, there were people who did want to discuss this issue. The nearly 90 pages of posts in one thread alone would tell you that.

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that this site has now banned all discussions on 9/11. Was it something I said? Was it because one of my final posts were about the number of extreamly credible people who question 9/11? Was this the straw that broke the camels back? Did the moderators and site admins fear this information? Are they afraid that the other members would begin to agree (after all, I did see the poll in the 9/11 thread jump a certain % in favor of the Inside Job belief in the last 2 weeks)?

Last night, I spent a lot of time being upset about this because I couldn't understand why any forum would ban free discussions, let alone such a political site as this one (of course, that could in itself be the reason). I felt betrayed and abused and really sad (mainly because my final sentence posted to the non believers and constant debaters was "You people really break my heart.") knowing that a whole group of people would now have no forum to discuss this highly important issue. Sure, they have a 'Insult the person above you thread' and a various word game threads, but discuss 9/11? Nooooo, can't have that.

Regardless, there isn't much I can do at this point and I'm probably better off not being a member anyway. It was eating a lot of my time. I just figured I'd pass along the information, to get it off my chest if nothing else. I do hope they bring them back or at least allow new forums to be made. I think the members who are allowed to stay there deserve at least that much.

Oh to bigger and better things I suppose. Be well out there folks.

EDIT: It's a few hours after I posted this and I just recieved an email notifying me that the thread I was posting in (9/11 Foiler Thread; Nice unbiased title ed?) was replied to. Looks like the threads have returned. Too bad I'm no longer a member... nor do I wish to be. If anyone out there is reading, join up and give these people some truth eh? Show them how strong our numbers are.

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    there are days like this I know, and like you said , you move on. Ive had my share of let downs in Edmonton...A Radical political radio staition here called CJSR banned my chance to advertise last Junes Vancouver conference, I'm not mad anymore, took a while to get over the fact that this station treated me fair when I did a lot of advertising for a local community theatre... but when it comes to freedom of speech, I guess its the elite who really own the public airwaves... and the public are the pee-ons.

    its up hill from here...see you at the top my friend! onwards!