We are currently organizing a march on Ottawa in the name of 9/11 Truth, to take place on 9/11/08. Organized by Canada's many truth chapters, we would arrive from across the country to present this petition:
Scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraudulent document and that those behind the report are guilty of covering up what happened on 9/11/2001. Specifically, this evidence shows that the twin towers were brought down by demolition explosives, not by airplanes and fire.

It is our view that those covering up what happened were also instrumental in organizing what happened. We believe that elements within the US government murdered thousands of people on 9/11/2001. And made us watch.

We demand:

(1) That the Government of Canada recall the Canadian ambassador to the United States until the US government launches a new, truly independent investigation into the events of 9/11/2001.

(2) That the Government of Canada launch its own investigation into the events of 9/11/2001 on behalf of the 24 Canadian citizens murdered in New York City.

(3) That the Government of Canada act on the findings of its own investigation, even if this means taking such steps as declaring the CIA a terrorist organization and initiating proceedings against members of the US government in the international courts.

Please take the time to sign this petition and make plans to join us on the seventh anniversary of 9/11 to collectively demand our government investigate this horrific day. We can not, must not, let our brave troops be sent into battle against a false enemy to help further the plans of the corporate elite.

I'll keep you posted as this progresses.

Take action. Demand truth. Sign this petition!

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  1. stuarthwyman // 7:48 AM  

    sorry for the OT but i don't know where i can wrigth at this...

    Francesco Cossiga was an ex-president of the italian repubblic and He say that Berlusconi made the last OSAMA message...

    On "luogo comune", we are discussing about this.


    News paper on line that spoke about Cossiga: