First in Calgary...

This November 11th was not only International Truth Action day for 9/11 it was also Remembrance Day. Members of Calgary 9/11 truth wanted to get the views of some of the Military around the City and this is what took place.

And also in Ottawa...
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200 Discs and lots of Poppies. The weather was cool and crisp. The sun was nice and warm. This month, we went out a day early, so we could leave the 11th for the Vets.

We've got a sign now. Kevin knew the names, locations, factual details about what he's displayed in his poster, and several people engaged him in some very informative conversations

Maybe the CBC will notice us now. I know we were photographed by a few people that seemed to know we were coming. Don't worry. We photographed right back

John showed up and got right to work. He also loaned me three 9/11 movies that I haven't seen yet. More movies to watch, more choices to burn for others.

We had between 4 and 6 new people come out to help for the first time this month. They all found us from different methods too. Gotta love the net.

You know, the CBC never acknowledges that we're out here, but our message definately sneaks it's way in

There are 2 people that chose not to be photographed. They both helped hand discs out and they're both welcome to their privacy. In total, we had 10 people show up. It took 8 months, but Ottawa 9/11 Truth is finally here.

We gave away all our discs in 1 hour.

Next up, the Christmas Truth-Packs

Bravo guys!!

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  1. Doug Robertson // 5:54 AM  

    Thank you for being one of the handful of folks who recognize the lies that have been perpetrated by our US govt about 9-11 and the war on terror.

  2. Stephen Eli Harris // 2:19 PM  

    No need to thank me Doug. I'm just doing what I feel is right!

    Be safe out there.