Just wanted to give a heads up to what Calgary 9/11 Truth is up to in November:

Join us at City Hall this November 11th 2007 for a very special truth action day. Not only is this November 11th Remembrance Day, it is also International Truth Action Day for 9/11. We would like to get as many people together in Calgary as possible to help hand out hundreds of DVDs and hold up banners to spread the truth. I get emails all the time from people saying they want to get active so this is your chance if you haven’t yet. We are peaceful in our truth actions and just try and inform fellow Calgarians. Please contact us if you want to take part at: dj_logitek@hotmail.com I will give you more information about the day and time. We might even get mainstream news coverage like we did on September 11th 2007 by CTV News.
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