Many people believe that it is not right to make people aware of the truth behind 9/11 on Remembrance day because they feel it's disrespecting to those who fought so bravely for our freedoms in the past. While I can understand this viewpoint, I personally believe there is no better day to do it. After all, what the exposure of the truth behind 9/11 will do is stop future generations from having to die from war, especially wars created for the gain of profit and the rise of the military industrial complex.

9/11 was an Inside Job and now we too have to fight for our freedoms, not with guns, but with knowledge. Get informed. Get out. Get Free.

In preparation for this months truth action day, I have added 15 new videos (some of them LONG overdue) to the 9/11 videos section of this site. Please take some time to watch any of these (better yet, all) videos so that you are informed as to what's really going on in this world.

Update: 15 New Videos added on Nov 11th '07.

The Truth will set us free!

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  1. // 4:21 AM  

    In respect to our fighting men and women I closed the Edmonton 911 Truth site during cross country remembrance day activities. After 2pm it re-opened and It was business as usual on the busy streets of Edmonton for 911 Truth activsm. We had a wonderful day with much encouragement by Edmontonians. Canadians care about thier millitary and want to know the truth about there mission in Afganistan and 911. Ultimately they cannot depend on mainstream media for the truth so they rely on us to ask the important questions regarding the events of 911 and to follow through for a new crimminal investigation. I think Canadians in general respect the integrity of the 911 truth movement to continue with supplying Canadinas with the information they need to determine what political party will best serve the interest of our fighting men and women. I'm certain that when 911 goes beyond its exposed crimes of what we know today our country will re examine our committment to Bushes war in Afghanistan. Harper in my opinion should be ashamed for not looking into 9/11 and all political stripes need to re-open 911 for the sake of our Military and stop exploiting 911 and its lies.

  2. Stephen Eli Harris // 12:08 PM  

    I fully respect your decision to close the site during the ceremonies and understand the reasoning. I just differ in my opinion.

    Bravo to you for hitting the streets and making people aware of what's really going on. You're right, Canadians are much more open to this than the American public, but having said that, the Truth Movement down there has done some wonderful things. 1/3 of the public now does not believe the official story and we are well on our way to end of corporate greed and war profiteering.

    Harper... well, he is just a shill and a pawn in the global movement for world government. That man should be a shamed of a lot of things he has done since getting in power. I think it's important for us all to work him out of our system... and better yet, fix our system.

    Keep up the hard work! The truth will set us free.