First of all, as a heads up, Ottawa's 9/11 Truth Squad (or email them here) is now listed to the right with the others.

Secondly, here's some information regarding their plans for 9/11 Truth Action Day in November. This was posted in the "Canadians for New Independent 9/11 Investigation" facebook group.

November's Truthaction - CBC Radio on Sparks Street

Hi all

I've been in contact with Australia and since we're both commonwealth countries,
we've decided to leave Remembrance Day (the 11th) for the Veterans. For this
month only, both Canada and Australia will be holding their Truthactions on the
10th (Saturday) instead.

We see no reason to give the CBC something negative to film about the truth
movement, and I'm not all that excited about arguing with a vet if he gets the
wrong idea about what we're doing.

So here's the time and location
CBC Radio
Sparks Street
Saturday, November 10
2:00 PM

I never know how many will show up, so we'll start here. If we end up with
enough people that it get's crowded, we'll move to the National Press Club on
Wellington Street. This won't happen before 2:45 PM so head for Sparks if you're
running late. That's only if it gets crowded. Here's to hoping :)

Looking forward to seeing you all. I have 200 dvds burned and ready. If you
wish to contribute some blank DVDs or labels, bring them with you and I'll set
them up for December

This month, the discs are all '9/11 Mysteries'

I'll mix things up in December when it's colder and we'll have one hundred
"2-packs" instead of two hundred singles. I'm also receiving some digital files
from Nathan Janes of If things go well with the printer here in
Ottawa, we could see these new 'For liberty and Justice for All' Fact cards here
in Ottawa.

So that's it. Be at the CBC Radio on the 10th of November at 2 PM and we'll try
to make a difference. Don't forget your black tee-shirt and your poppy.

Our current website is

So, if you live in the area, get on out!

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