Thanks to 911blogger...

Thursday on the 3rd floor of Mondragon (91 Albert street.) for 7:30 PM, featuring Author, Media Critic Barrie Zwicker & Fromer CBC jounalist, Editor of Canadian Dimension ( Leslie Hughes will be discussing 9/11.

This is a prime location to get together and plan possible actions for the anniversary!

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  1. Overcome // 1:17 AM  

    In defense of attacks upon journalist Lesley Hughes WWW.AARONJAMESSTORY.COM- WE ARE CANADIANS ATTACKED in the United States and placed through Extrajudicial (illegal/covert) persecution and ongoing threats and attempts upon our LIVES- B/C OF BUSH/MCCAIN AIPEC U.S. FALSE WAR ON TERROR PERSECUTION/ DEATH MACHINE-

    Let us not confuse Israeli government with Israeli people-Lesley was making a statement upon government corruptions not anti-semetism.
    FALSE WAR ON TERROR: Weapons of Mass Destruction NEVER FOUND. Afghanistan President
    U.S.A. & Khalid Karzai an AIPEC Israeli affiliate /former senior economic advisor to UNOCAL largest Oil company in Afghanistan- I.M.F (International Monetary Fund) reaps oil of the carnage and massacre of the Afghan and Iraqi people sells it at 1000% profit margin to the North American gas companies who sell it at profit to the consumer at the gas pump. Blood Diamonds and Blood Oil.
    Production of Poppy seeds in Afghanistan is the basis for opium production.
    The U.S. economy is based on three main facets: Drugs, Oil and War. The false war on terror is a war for the CONTROL of drugs and related manufacture, the profiteering upon the sale of military goods and munitions and the profiteering off of oil reaped in the blood of the oppressed!
    The U.S backing of Georgia is a parity to the Palestinian persecution by the Israeli *Government.
    Ossetia being the parity to Palestine -the Georgian president is an Israeli AIPEC affiliate Cheney's oil pipeline and the U.S economy has interests in all of these areas. Drug/Blood/Oil money. Detestable!

    MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT-AND DION-CONTINUE TO CENSOR OUR ORDEAL. Lesley tried to give public notice to our account- National Post Globe and Mail and others HAVE CENSORED- WE SP0KE TO DION IN WINNIPEG AT THEIR LIBERAL CONVENTION-he and his senior executive advisor Jean Luca Cairo promised us assistance-THEY LIED
    Now 14 ATTEMPTS UPON OUR LIVES LATER we have been turned away by government To contact my mother and I, ph: 204 296 6496; 204 509 1944