I received a heads up via email today about these folks. I'd just like to welcome them to this rapidly growing movement that we call Truth.

I don't think the link in the image is working just yet, but they do have a site where you can get more info. I assume the url in the pic is in development. We'll wait and see. I'll update the link to the left (with the other truth squads) as the need be.

Either way, welcome aboard Red Deer!

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Calgary and Ottawa led the way this month with some action in December. First up is the folks in Calgary who got in the holiday spirit as the spread 9/11 Truth.

Taking part in International Truth Action Day, Santa and a few of his elf's went a local mall to hand out free 9/11 truth DVDs with candy canes attached. This unique spin on a ordinary truth action ensured that more people would accept the free gifts.

And here are some pics from the folks in Ottawa taken from here.

We had SO much snow coming down I was surprised anyone showed up at all. I got to the Market about 5 minutes late, and Kevin was already there. We began handing out double movie packs (David Ray Griffon and 9/11 Revisited)

I'm not sure if I stressed just how much snow was coming down. Good thing we each had a toque (Rhymes with Luke)

Within a few minutes everyone else started arriving. We had pretty much everyone who came out to the November action with the addition of about 4 more people. Some of these people I'd spoken to in e-mails, so it was good to put a face to the name. Maybe it was a result of the meeting we'd had earlier in the month, but everyone immediately fell into their roles and we just started getting the word out. We got a very friendly response overall. One guy even said 'You guys are truthers?' so we really are a mainstream political reality

We handed out our movies, and made our way over to the Speakers Corner to have our say with the CTV. Either they knew we were coming, or having the system running in the winter is a low priority because it was down

No one from the A Channel came out to cover us

After that, we gathered up in front of A-Channel for a pic. Now this is the part that I loved. There was a newscaster doing a live broadcast on the other side of the window. From her vantage point, she would have witnessed about 15 people appear from out of nowhere in her window, and then immediately turn their backs on her. It's the kind of statement that one can't script. It just happens :) Anyways, the guards came rushing out pretty quickly to tell us not to flash any cameras while they were recording a broadcast. Fair enough. We were friendly so they were friendly. We moved over to the other side of the main door and took our pics there

After that, we handed out a few more fliers and decided to call it. We'd gotten our DVDs out and our message was heard. I ended up getting a ride home by one of the guys there, because in his trunk he had 2 big cases of paper DVD envelopes totalling 6000 in all. This secures our envelope need for well over a year unless we go crazy. He also donated 200 blank DVDs, so a big thumbs up and a thank you to Matthew for his generous donation towards January's truthaction. After I left, one of the new guys remembered that he'd brought about 100 copies of Loose Change in a bag, so a second surge happened. I'm hoping that some pics of that were taken and I'm not sure how many were involved in it, but it's fantastic to hear. I also like how some signs were brought out.

That's it until next month. Be safe out there guys and Happy Holidays!

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