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Top 10 reasons why the NIST report is absurd:

In 2005, NIST released the results of a 20 million dollar investigation that attempted to explain why the World Trade Center towers completely collapsed.[1]

Many blindly point to this report (without reading a word of it) as rock solid proof that the official story is true. I am writing this list In order to help remedy this situation. All of my claims are documented—I am not making this up. Some of these claims may sound too outrageous to be true, but they are. I have provided the footnotes to prove it.

This is for anyone who still takes the NIST report seriously.

I present my top 10 reasons why the 10,000 page NIST report is absurd:

#10. Their theory is that "widely-dislodged fireproofing" was the primary reason the towers collapsed.[2]

#9. This theory ignores the fact that no steel framed building had ever completely collapsed due to fire in history.[3]

#8. They disproved their own "widely-dislodged fireproofing" theory with a shotgun experiment.[4]

#7. They ignore massive eyewitness testimony.[5]

#6. Their theory ignores a foundational law of physics.[6]

#5. Their steel tests contradicted their own theory and showed that the towers should not have collapsed.[7]

#4. They "proved" their theory with computer models that they refuse to release.[8]

#3. Their computer simulations used exaggerated data.[9]

#2. Their 10,000 page, 43 volume report explains (only in a footnote!), that their theory is a pre-collapse theorythey do not attempt to explain the "structural behaviour of the tower" after the collapse began![10]

NIST’s most absurd blunder of all?

#1. Their 10,000 page, 43 volume report can’t find the space to discuss molten and evaporated steel; outrageously claiming that it was "irrelevant to the investigation"![11]

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