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Neo-Fascists Declare War On Truth Movement
False flag provocation likely to occur within months, 9/11 & truth activists targeted for elimination as Alex Jones makes unpalatable prediction

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 17 2006

As manufactured terror alerts, magnified turmoil in the Middle East, and dire proclamations that doomsday is approaching all converge at the end of the summer of 2006, the twist in the story is likely to be a massive staged terror attack that will smother any remaining voices of descent and once again leave America transfixed in an orgy of militarism, paranoia and fear.

The targets of the subsequent frenzied police state clampdown will be the traitors who questioned their government's motivations in the war on terror and blocked Bush' path in protecting the American people.

Alex Jones has only made one previous prediction that he was overwhelmingly sure would come to pass. In July 2001, Jones launched 'Operation Expose the Government Terrorists,' a desperate late attempt to focus activism around raising awareness of an imminent massive terror attack that would be blamed on the patsy Osama bin Laden.

Unfortunately that foresight came home to roost on September 11 and we now find ourselves in similar peril five years later.

On his August 10th show, Alex Jones broadcast a warning that we would soon see, "bone-shattering mega attacks in the United States, Canada, England or Israel."

The time frame for the attacks is within 2 months - the biggest risk being before the middle of October but at least before the mid-term elections in November.

"The prelude to a new mega attack or a string of large attacks - leading up to that - I predicted that they would have five to ten staged busts of terrorists," said Jones.

The watershed success of the 9/11 truth movement in obtaining national exposure has been met with a fierce backlash from the establishment in the form of nationwide editorials on cue, almost as if uniformly timed, that attack 9/11 skeptics with straw man smear campaign arguments. In addition, an increase in alleged foiled terror alerts serves two purposes, to shift attention away from the increasingly high profile 9/11 truth information and secondly to construct the story board to which the next real attack will be pinned.

'Look, we protected you from all those attacks but we just couldn't stop them all - it was the peaceniks and the civil libertarians who prevented us going all the way and keeping America safe - they are to blame for major cities being dirty bombed and others biologically poisoned.'

The baseless terror raids, besides acting as PR for delusional fearmongering and the perception that terrorists are hiding under every bed, also creates a chilling effect whereby the government is sending a message to anyone that doesn't display the proper modicum of obedience and fails to salute the war on terror.

'We can grab you off the street or from your own home at our own convenience and incarcerate you - without having to present any evidence to justify it.'

Some have suggested that Fox News' mention of Alex Jones' warning (watch above) is sufficient advance protection to offset the coming attack. However, coverage of the warning needs to be infinitely more widespread in order to have any impact. The 9/11 Blogger website has put together an activist page that provides information on how people can help us mobilize to try and prevent what government officials and their apologists have told us is inevitable.

Disturbing developments such as the smearing of 9/11 truth activists as terrorist sympathizers and the surveillance and wanton random arrests and beatings of alternative news journalists act as a red flag to denote preparation for a martial law crackdown in the wake of a new synthetic terror attack.

The beta test for this tactic was the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, a false flag event that almost obliterated the burgeoning Patriot Movement. In the immediate aftermath of the attack the patsy, Timothy McVeigh, was linked with "far-right militia groups" that talked about the Constitution and federal encroachment on God-given rights. Though no mass sweeps took place, the chilling effect was enough to send a great deal of activists into the shadows - or worse many sold out and became frothing Neo-Cons as soon as Bush got into office.

That same chilling effect is again being employed and applied not just to paleoconservatives - but to anyone who dares dissent against the Neo-Fascist agenda. Even democratically elected moderate anti-war candidates such as Ned Lamont, hardly a George Washington, and his supporters, are being accused of supporting Al-Qaeda by the drooling maniacs who act as PR whores for the Bushists. Though on the face of it this kind of rhetoric - the notion that thousands of citizens in Connecticut ticked Lamont's box because they thought it would help Osama bin Laden - is patently schizophrenic, the mere repetition of the big lie is enough for many to zealously uphold its orthodoxy.

In addition to network news TV shows, reports of Neo-Con cheerleaders on the radio framing anyone who questions 9/11 as having an 'Al Qaeda mind set' are beginning to filter in. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where all this is potentially heading - directly to a Homeland Security labor camp unless we stand up and point the finger at the real freedom loathing terrorists.

We should not consider ourselves outside of the scope of a regime that always links its next victims with Al-Qaeda as an excuse to decapitate them from the political spectrum.

Alex Jones' warning of a monumental staged terror attack, creating the pretext to air strike Iran, and its subsequent ramifications for freedom-exercising citizens and truth activists in the western world, is a piercing light through the veil of deception and needs to be echoed around the four corners of the globe if we are to stand a chance of saving America from the grip of a vampiric Neo-Fascist horror show.

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