It sure is a great time to be a truther and watch the walls of most peoples reality come crashing down. This past week has seen an incredible explosion of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Just yesterdays article alone (which, by way of a google search, tells me was published in over 140 different places) created huge spikes in such websites as Veterans for 9/11 Truth and I even see a huge different in this little ol' blog here. Excellent stuff!

Anyway today, MSNBC had Jason Bermas from the Loose Change camp on to talk and I gotta say, Jason did a fantastic job. See for yourself.

With each new piece of mainstream coverage (finally) the Truth Movement grows in large numbers. Bring it on!

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  1. The Artistic Macrophage // 1:39 AM  

    Though a pretty fluffy piece, and despite his "I'm gonna tear you a new asshole" facial expression, I actually think you rBermas guy did a decent job.

    However, The host was far from someobdy who could go head to head with him on the issues.

  2. Stephen Eli Harris // 9:33 PM  

    I think it was more of a "I'm nervous as hell, expecting nothing but an attack piece" facial expression.