The following was posted in the guestbook a little while back and I'm finally getting around to posting it here. It's from Raymond who will be hosting a new radio show from Nanaimo, BC which I'm personally really excited about...

To: 9/11 researchers and documenters (Sent aug. 9)
I would like to begin by thanking all the people involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement. I have found strength in your dedication and courage. Our momentum is gaining but the most difficult work is still ahead of us; how to shift our politician's attention away from corporate lobby groups and think-tanks and back to the actual concerns of their citizens.
I am pleased to announce that the Nanaimo, British Columbia, community radio station, CHLY, have agreed to air a political series on the consequences of 9/11 on the Canadian Government; our media, social programs and the autonomy of Canada. I am planning on 6-8 one hour shows beginning in October. The project is called the 9/11 Truth Radio Show. To the best of my research, this radio series is the only 9/11 show that will focus on the impact of American Empire on the once sovereign nation Canada.
This project will highlight the provable lies put out by the US and Canadian governments that make obvious the fact that 9/11 was an inside job used for political and financial gains. 9/11 discussion and evidence will be a major part of the show, but it will not be the focus of every segment. The series will also explore the future of Canada in relation to Deep Integration with US government and business. Important questions need to be asked of our government: What should Canada's military role be? What is the current state of Canadian media? What are the differences between market-based democracy and proportional ones?
As for the show itself, the central theme of this project, besides pointing out the tangle of lies called the official conspiracy theory, is to generate discussions about Canada's various relationships with the United States. I have invited numerous Canadian and American leaders from corporate and alternative media, elected and non-elected politicians, as well as various activist personalities and 9/11 researchers to contribute to the show.
I am asking for your help to promote this radio series using the various avenues at our disposal. I am also asking for all interested like-minded people to contact me by letter or phone, for live or recorded interviews. So as to help program the content of the show, please made your response sooner, rather than later.
I am doing everything in my power to make this program as professional and factually correct as possible. If I am going to further risk my name in the public, I insist on the same accountability from my work as I demand from my elected servants.
Please lend your experiences and energies to further the success of this project. If we continue to work together, there is nothing we can not achieve.

Thank you for your support,
Raymond Geisler
Producer and host of the 9/11 Truth Radio Show

Send him an email for support if nothing else.

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