When you open your eyes to the truth, when you see things from above, you learn to read the mainstream propoganda. In the case of World War III, which there is no doubt we're entering, there is a lot of spin manovering going on. The propaganda war, which is the largest part of a war, has begun and the mainstream is hard at work.

Because of the obvious turn on Iran for no apparant reason, there is no doubt in a lot of peoples minds that the next US strike will be on that country and, it will be soon. All signs between the lines point in that direction and the hatemongering propaganda has already began.

Here's a few good articles from infowars.com

Media Helps Spin Every Attack into Anti-Iran Propaganda
Story of "Drone Attack" Plays Out Like a Game of "Telephone" Ending in "Iran Did It"

Infowars | July 16, 2006

Initially the line was that an Israeli warship had been attacked by Hezbollah using unmanned drone aircraft laden with explosives. Presumably the follow-up would have been expected to be "hey, wait a minute, where did these guerrillas get such high-tech weapons?" which of course would be followed up on FOXNews and other government propaganda outlets with a resounding chorus of, "Iran, of course!"

That story never seemed to materialize, try as they might to use the situation to stir up anti-Hezbollah and anti-Iranian sentiment. At one point over the course of the weekend FOXNews did allege that the warship was in fact not a missle-carrying battle ship but a "civilian ship" that had been attacked. Drones being as common as they are these days (what with them flying all over California along the US-Mexico border for our "safety") people bought the drone story without considering any planned Iran subtext.

So the US-Israeli spin machine called on the media to step it up a notch, tranforming the drone into a super high-tech radar-guided missile, a C-802, which obviously was not only made in Iran but could only be launched with the careful assistance of an Elite band within the Iranian military.

"We can confirm that (the warship) was hit by an Iranian-made missile launched by Hezbollah. We see this as very profound fingerprint of Iranian involvement in Hezbollah," said Israeli Brigadier General Ido Nehushtan.

Do you hate Iran yet? Do you believe they are behind this yet? No? Well hold on tight and keep your eyes glued to your TV screens because war-fever has taken hold of the media and Washington and its not going to break until Iran is put in the hotseat.

Israel Says Warship Attacked by Drone

Associated Press |July 14, 2006


Damaged Israeli warship hit by missile made in Iran

Militants' missile hits ship with Iranian troops' help

JERUSALEM -- An unmanned Hezbollah aircraft rigged with explosives rammed into an Israeli warship late Friday, leaving four sailors missing and causing heavy damage and a fire, Israeli military officials said.

The army said a search was under way for the seamen. The statement confirmed earlier news reports that the four were missing.

The attack by the remote-controlled drone indicated that Hezbollah has added a new weapon to the arsenal of rockets and mortars it has used against Israeli troops.

The army said a missile ship carrying several dozen sailors suffered severe damage and was set on fire. Several hours after the attack, the fire was put out and the ship was being towed back to Israel, officials said. The military officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak to the media.

In an official statement, the army spokesman's office would say only that the cause of the attack was still under investigation.

Hezbollah has never before used a remote-controlled unmanned aircraft to attack Israel. But in a signal of its growing capabilities, the guerrilla group has twice managed to fly spy drones over northern Israel in recent years. The drones caused great concern in Israel because they evaded the country's air defenses.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV had reported earlier Friday that guerrillas attacked an Israeli warship that had been firing missiles into south Beirut.

"Now in the middle of the sea, facing Beirut, the Israeli warship that has attacked the infrastructure, people's homes and civilians -- look at it burning," Hezbollah's leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said.

The prerecorded audiotape was aired shortly after Israeli missiles struck Hezbollah headquarters and Nasrallah's house in south Beirut.

The station showed a video purportedly showing an Israeli warship hit by Hezbollah. The video aired a few seconds of nighttime pictures of an object flying over a city and falling in the distance, where it exploded. Al-Manar said this depicted the attack on the Israeli warship off the coast of Lebanon.

The footage was unclear and it could not be seen what the object hit.

Damaged Israeli warship hit by missile made in Iran

Xinhua | July 16, 2006

Damaged Israeli warship deployed off Lebanese coast was hit by missile which was made in Iran, said an high ranking Israel Defense Forces officer.

The missile, type C-802, is radar guided, with an range of 60 miles, the officer told Xinhua.

Previously, the army confirmed that one soldier on board the attacked vessel was killed while his body was found in the water, but the other three soldiers were still missing.

The military are attempting to locate the rest three missing sailors and has informed their respective families of the events.

Four sailors from an Israeli warship got missing Friday night, after the vessel was hit by a projectile launched by Lebanese Hizbollah, according to the Israeli military.

The military confirmed on Friday night that one of its navy ship deployed off Lebanon coast was hit by a rocket, and the attack caused damage to the vessel.

Lebanese ANB television also reported that Hizbollah pounded an Israeli gunboat with rocket Friday night, adding that the vessel was sinking.

Militants' missile hits ship with Iranian troops' help

Associated Press | July 17, 2006

JERUSALEM: Elite Iranian troops helped Hezbollah fire a radar-guided missile at an Israeli warship, Israeli officials said yesterday, raising the stakes in fierce fighting in which Lebanese guerillas until now used only low-tech weapons.

Initially, it was believed an unmanned drone laden with explosives had hit the ship, but it later became clear Hezbollah had used an Iranian-made, radar-guided C-802 missile to find its target, an Israeli intelligence official said.

One sailor was killed and three were missing after the Hezbollah attack.

Israel says the troops involved in firing the missile were from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, an elite corps of more than 200,000 fighters that is independent of the regular armed forces and controlled by Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

"We can confirm that (the warship) was hit by an Iranian-made missile launched by Hezbollah. We see this as very profound fingerprint of Iranian involvement in Hezbollah," said Israeli Brigadier General Ido Nehushtan.

Until now, Hezbollah has fired only highly inaccurate Katyusha rockets at Israeli towns and cities. It appeared Israel was surprised the guerilla group had more hi-tech missiles at its disposal.

A military official said the group was also believed to have longer-range projectiles that could hit the Israeli commercial hub of Tel Aviv.

More from Alex's Site

Wildly disproportionate attack on Lebanon seems like pretext to confront Iran

Toronto Star | July 16, 2006
by Linda McQuaig

As Israeli firepower rained down on Lebanon last week, pundits here in the West wasted no time pinning the blame on — Iran.
"Iran and its radical allies are pushing toward war," wrote Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. Washington defence commentator Edward Luttwak weighed in: "Iran's leaders have apparently decided to reject the Western offer to peacefully settle the dispute over its weapons-grade uranium-enrichment program." In fact, Iran's leaders haven't rejected the "Western offer;" they've said publicly they will respond to it by Aug. 22. This isn't fast enough however to satisfy Washington, which considers the "offer" more of an ultimatum. Is it really Iran that is pushing for war? Think about it. Why would Iran want to provoke a war with Israel and the U.S. — both heavily armed nuclear powers — when it has no nuclear weapons itself? The U.S. and Israel, on the other hand, are very keen to attack Iran. In a recent series of articles in New Yorker magazine, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has detailed Washington's plans to attack Iran. Israel has called Iran a "major threat" that "must be stopped" from developing nuclear weapons. But the U.S. and Israel don't want to look like aggressors. They insist their intentions are purely defensive. Recall that Washington also claimed its invasion of Iraq was purely defensive — to protect itself from Iraq's arsenal of deadly weapons, which, it turned out, didn't exist. So when Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon seized two Israeli soldiers last week, a perfect opportunity arose. Since Hezbollah has links to Iran, presto, here was a prima facie case that Iran was gunning for confrontation. Did the Western pundits who quickly embraced this theory ever consider that the Hezbollah militants, as well as the Palestinian militants in Gaza who captured a single Israeli soldier last month, might have had their own motives for striking Israel? Certainly the Palestinians have endless grievances against Israel. In addition to four decades of Israeli military occupation of their land, Israel has attempted to destroy the Hamas government, which was democratically elected by Palestinians last January. Hezbollah's seizure of the two Israeli soldiers was probably an act of support for the Palestinians in Gaza, who have been under Israeli military siege since the capture of the first soldier. Hezbollah also said it seized the soldiers because it wanted to trade them for Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails. A similar Israeli-Hezbollah prisoner exchange took place in 2004. Abandoning Canada's traditional role as an honest broker in the Middle East, Prime Minister Stephen Harper unabashedly supported Israel last week, calling its devastating attacks on Gaza and Lebanon "measured." If Israel is simply trying to "defend" itself, its actions are wildly disproportionate. On the other hand, if Israel and the U.S. are looking for an excuse to attack Iran, the capture of the Israeli soldiers is as good as any.

Anybody actually listening to Iran?

Ahmadinejad: Israel acting like Hitler

JERUSALEM POST | July 16, 2006

"The Zionists think that they are victims of Hitler, but they act like Hitler and behave worse than Genghis Khan," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday. He was quoted by the Iranian News Agency.

Earlier, Iran denied Israeli claims that it had troops in Lebanon and that it helped Hizbullah to attack an Israeli warship, saying the guerrilla group could fend for itself without outside help.

OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said that Iranian troops are helping Hizbullah guerrillas fire Iranian-made rockets at Israel.

Adam said Israeli forces had identified Iranian troops.

"There are no (Iranian) guards there. Shipment of (Iranian) missiles to Hizbullah is also not correct," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters Sunday.

Asefi also warned Israel that attacking Syria and expanding the conflict in the region would bring the Jewish state "unimaginable damages."

"We hope the Zionist regime does not make the mistake of attacking Syria. Expanding the front of aggression and attacks ... will definitely face the Zionist regime with unimaginable damages," Asefi said.

Israel said Saturday that 100 Iranian troops from the elite Revolutionary Guards were in Lebanon, and that they helped Hizbullah fire a sophisticated radar-guided missile at an Israeli warship blockading the Lebanese coast late Friday.

Initially, it was believed that an unmanned drone laden with explosives had hit the Israeli warship, but it later became clear that Hizbullah had used what Israel described as an Iranian-made, radar-guided C-802 missile.

Read between the lines...

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