Well, it seems that mainstream media is finally growing a pair (for lack of a better phrase) and are finally getting the courage to write about the 9/11 Truth Movement and the questions we are asking. 1 of them is American (if you can believe that. I know, I'm having a hard time too) and the other is Norwegian.

First up is the extreamly brave Vanity Fair with their 4 page spread on 'Loose Change', it's creator and the movement itself. Click the pics for a readable image, which are thankfully provided by 911blogger.com.

Bravo Vanity Fair for having the courage to speak about this extreamly important issue. Here's a little message from Dylan (creator of 'Loose Change')...

There you go. Well done, Nancy.

Repost: Thanks to Nancy Jo Sales for having the courage to write this, and to her higher-ups for publishing it. Send her some love, would you?

Letters to the editor, i.e. letters that express readers' opinions about a given Vanity Fair article or issue, or about the magazine or Web site, can be e-mailed to letters@vf.com or faxed to 212-286-4324. The magazine reserves the right to edit submissions, which may be published or otherwise used in any medium. All submissions become the property of Vanity Fair.

If you haven't seen 'Loose Change' yet, do so now. (CLICK HERE) It's a great start to the awakening process but, by no means, is it the be all and end all of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

In addition to the brave folk at Vanity Fair, Norway's "Aftenposten", (a mainstream newspaper) has published this article.

You can read a rough translation of the article by clicking here.

Bravo 'Aftenposten'!

Perhaps these two pieces will help wake up our beloved CBC here in Canada. We shall see.

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