I've been wanting to post a great article to this little portal of mine for about a week now but have not been able to find the time. I'm okay with it though as there's lots of relevent articles that have came out since that would go well with it.

Let's start with the first article, lifted from Paul Joseph Watson's Blog, which most of this post is coming from in fact.

Canadian 'Terror Plot' Begins To Unravel
Terrorists set up in sting operation, more on unfounded London raid

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | June 6 2006

Just as predicted, the frightening plot to bomb high profile targets in Toronto and the arrest of 17 alleged terror suspects has all the hallmarks of yet another invented nightmare intended to scare western populations into quelling their descent of the empire.

From a manufactured scheme to attack the Library Tower in LA to the British government's hoax Canary Wharf and Ricin terror conspiracies - every major alert or mass arrest since 9/11 has proven to be a fraudulent movie script with no basis in reality.

As the credibility of Friday's London terror raid collapses, so does its counterpart in Canada with the news that the arrests were a sting operation in which, "The Royal Canadian Mounted Police itself delivered three tons of potential bomb-making material," to the alleged terrorists according to the Associated Press. As one blog points out, "I remember once when huge lots of Chinese food were ordered in someone else's name by bored teenagers as pranks. Do things like that still happen, I wonder, and could they happen with fertilizer, too?"

At the moment CSIS is saying very little and it appears that the bulk of the case is being built around stage prop photos of 'sample' bags of ammonium nitrate, guns and explosive timers (pictured below).

The Canadians are obviously taking a leaf out of the Russian textbook of government sponsored terror. After FSB (former KGB) agents were caught in the act of carrying out apartment block bombings in the late 1990's, the Russian state media relentlessly showcased a bag of hexogen explosive and cited it as proof that their official story stood up.

For those who are aware of the past activities of CSIS it's going to take more than a scary display of terrorist paraphernalia to validate the government's account of events.

In August 2003 26 Pakistani and South Asian men were arrested during a pre-dawn raid by the RCMP under Project Thread. The weight of the evidence behind the accusation that they were planning a dirty bomb attack on a nuclear facility comprised of the fact that the suspects often burned meals and one of them had a poster of airplane schematics on his wall. All allegations were dropped and the men were released, but not before a media juggernaut fearmongering campaign about how Canadians in major cities were not safe.

The story also coincides with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's Senate demand for more funding to fight terrorism. It is hardly beyond the pale to suggest that this is another imaginary nightmare dreamt up in order to scare Canadian politicians into rubber stamping a giant cash cow.

Authorities have been very keen to stress that the Internet, and the ability of the security services to intercept e mail and web browsing history, were key to the supposed plot. This kills two birds with one stone - firstly drag the name of the Internet through the mud and solidify calls for government regulation - and secondly chill Canadians into thinking that their every cyber action is being catalogued by the state.

Racial tension, always a boon for the police state, has increased with reports of Mosques in Toronto being attacked. Armed tactical units of the police are now patrolling Toronto streets (pictured above).

Meanwhile in London it emerges that 250 armed police who raided a family home in the Forest Gate area, shooting a man in the shoulder, first smashed their way into the suspect's neighbors house, brandishing machine guns and beating an innocent man with the gun butt as his wife and eight-month-old baby watched in horror.

However, as the supposed chemical weapons that justified the raid are now admitted to "not exist," the police are unapologetic in their actions, forcefully telling Brits that this is an aspect of the new world order that they must learn to accept.

Thomas Walkom, a National Columnist for The Star posted an article about these terror suspects questioning whether or not they were really terrorists.

Paul Joseph Watson's had this response to that article.

Toronto Star: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All'

Toronto Star: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All'

Prison Planet.com | June 7 2006

The Toronto Star postulates that the 17 alleged terrorists accused of plotting to bomb city landmarks may not be terrorists at all.

In an op-ed, Thomas Walkom chronicles the history of Canadian terror arrests and how in every case the supposed evidence against the accused has always evaporated.

The piece also highlights the alarming absence of bullet proof evidence to suggest the Toronto suspects were plotting anything at all.

"If the alleged conspirators knew they were under surveillance, it seems odd that they continued along merrily with plans to make explosives. But perhaps they are not bright terrorists. Or perhaps they are not terrorists at all," writes Walkom.

Walkom also cites the 2004 paintball trial for a reminder of how scant the evidence is these cases usually is.

"In that controversial case (even the presiding judge complained the outcome was unfair), nine Muslim men were convicted of participating in terrorist training the main evidence being that they had played paintball in the woods outside Washington."

Developments today have centered around the bizarre assertion that the 17 suspects, 5 of whom are teenagers, planned to storm the Canadian parliament and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper, accusations labelled as absurd by defence lawyers.

One of the lawyers is quoted as saying,"whether you're in Ottawa or Toronto or Crawford, Texas, or Washington, D.C., what is wanting to be instilled in the public is fear".

Another commented that there was, "little evidence after two years of investigation," against the suspects.

As Kurt Nimmo discusses, the government has already changed their story as the fraudulent nature of the whole charade is exposed.

The Official Story is now the heroic one that the RCMP intercepted the shipment and replaced the dangerous fertilizer with an non-dangerous substance, writes the blogger Xymphora. Obviously, some bigwig at the RCMP realized that the sting story would be used by lawyers for the defendants, and ordered that a safer story be spread. Rapid changes in the Official Story is a sure sign of official shenanigans, as such changes severely weakened both the official nine eleven and London bombing stories, not that the corporate media bothered to point this out, so eager were they to stumble over each other in an effort to suck up government propaganda."

Followed by this post about the military connections of the leader of this supposed terrorist group.

Toronto Terrorist Ringleader Has Military Connections
Media frenzy over terror plot distracts from Bilderberg Group conference

Prison Planet.com | June 8 2006

The much vaunted Toronto terrorist plot sank deeper into the abyss of absurdity late Wednesday when it was revealed that the alleged ringleader of the cell, Steven Vikash Chand, was a former Canadian soldier.

CBC News reports,

"The lawyer for Steven Chand, also known as Abdul Shakur, said Tuesday that his client is accused of wanting to storm Parliament, behead the prime minister and attack a number of sites, including the CBC building in Toronto.

A newspaper report on Wednesday said Chand had been a member of the Royal Regiment of Canada, a reservist unit, and that he had been given weapons training.

Military confirms connection

The Toronto Star said the military confirmed, but downplayed, Chand's military connection."

In every high profile case that we have studied, terrorist links to security and intelligence services as well as the military are uncovered.

From the evidence it is starting to appear that Chand was the kingpin for a government entrapment program that sought to manufacture a terrorist alert by creating a de facto terrorist cell.

Ya Ya Canada summarizes the indicators.

"The whole thing is smelling stinkier and stinkier. According to the Thomas Walkom of the Toronto Star [Suspects seem strictly second rate, Jun. 7] the suspects made certain that they bothered the neighbours in the vicinity of their "training camp" by trespassing and giving them "lip". They drew attention to themselves by "shooting of firearms", and playing "paintball"

"My guess is that they were simply playing paintball using paintball guns. And that they dressed up in military fatigues, or were encouraged to, for the fun of it. They may be Muslims, but they are boys, after all, and boys do stuff like that for fun. They could easily be set up to do it in order that an impression could be made."

"Walkom goes on to say: "The leader of these alleged terrorists was so disgusted with his young charges that he complained to Côté about their incompetence." Which makes it sound even more that they were set up."

The 9/11 attacks were preceded by the alleged hijackers (patsies) making themselves as visible as possible in an attempt to create a case history and a storyboard that the creaking official version events would later be pinned to. The Washington Post reported that the supposed devout Muslim fundamentalists were getting drunk and rowdy in a bar the night before the attacks and boasting of their positions as airline pilots.

The alarmist media circus that continues to froth over the arrest of 12 men and 5 teenagers is serving as a useful distraction from the Bilderberg meeting which begins Thursday in and will be attended by Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper.

Alex Jones and the Infowars crew are already in Canada and will provide full exposure of the misdeeds of the scheming and plotting Globalist kingmakers that comprise the Bilderberg Group.

This is all very interesting analysis of the events in question and great information to at least know.

There's more from Paul coming in the next post as we discuss a little the Bilderbergs and their recent meeting in Canada.

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