BlogAdvance has chosen this little ol site as their blog of the month for June and I can't tell you how honored I am. Quite the shocker and I'm really happy to know that others feel the need to spread the information.

From the BlogAdvance Blog:

This month's Blog of the Month is relatively new to BlogAdvance as they only joined last month and after reading some of the posts, it has to be said that this is a great political blog.

Canada Wants The Truth Too offers a unique perspective regarding the goings on of 9/11...

If anyone at BlogAdvance is reading this, I just want to say thanks for the selection. It already has driven some traffic here which is all I really want, people to at least see that there's another possible side to the story. Thanks for helping me get this out there!

For those who don't know what BlogAdvance is (if there's actually anyone out there who doesn't), it's a traffic swap program/webstie for blogs. Great service and fun to use!

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  1. LittleOrangeFox // 11:28 PM  

    you guys are great =P Can't get enough

    ~blog advance blog of the month for May

  2. Anonymous // 5:24 PM  

    Congrats on the "Blog of the Month" status. Great to see more people accepting the truth. Mainstream news is outliving its usefulness.


  3. Stephen Eli Harris // 1:28 PM  

    You got that right Mark! Long ago.