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The truth behind 9/11 has plagued me for a couple of months now, pretty much ever since a friend of mine turned me onto a video entitled "Loose Change". It's video that opens up a lot of unanswered questions and has a deep insight into the physical impossibility of what 'they' say happened on that fateful day.

After about a month of deep research into the day, hundreds of videos watched and an equal amount of articles (on both sides of the argument) I kinda fell away from the debate because I felt helpless. I mean, what the hell can I do? Nothing really... except talk about it.

"United 93", the recently released movie, was what brought me back. Why? Because it stirred up all that frustration I felt a few months ago. The very fact this this movie has been made and released is questionable enough to delve a little deeper into the happenings of that day. It's easy to see that this movie is nothing more than propaganda to help keep people fearing the 'terrorists'. Furthermore, the fact that people are making money off of this event, sickens me.

Since Thursday of last week, I've been on and endless quest for information regarding this day. I've developed a thirst for it and one that is unquenchable and again, my frustration level has risen to a degree that I probably haven't felt before. Why? Again, there is nothing I can do about it besides talk and hopefully turn a few people onto the questions so that they start asking questions themselves.

My questions

1) The World Trade Center:

How the hell did the WTC's fall by just planes hitting them? How did they fall (in a near free fall) just by having a fire close to the top of the building? Why did building 7 fall when no plane hit it and only minor fires were inside? Why did that one fall in a free fall? Why did all these building's look as if they were purposely brought down by a demo team? Why do we, in some of the footage taken that day, hear explosions going off just before (and during) they building's collapse?

2) The Pentagon attack:

Why do the damage caused by the plane not match the damage that would be caused by a 757 (after all, we're supposed to believe the same sized plane took down the WTC's)? Why is there no wreckage of this multi ton monster? Why no engines? Why no wings or tail end? Why no seats or luggage? Where are the bodies? Where is the blood? How did a huge 757 pull off the maneuvers it did before hitting the pentagon? How did a human being fly such a huge plane so close to the ground? Why was there a huge box covered in tarp removed from the scene before an investigation could take place? Why was there a line of people picking up small piece of the wreckage before an investigation could be made? Why has only 5 frames of footage released (after they lied and saying no video footage was available) from nearby cameras who caught everything? Why were the 4 videos from nearby businesses confiscated by the FBI minutes after the crash? Why are these videos yet to be released?

3) Flight 93:

Where is the plane? Where is the wreckage? Where are the seats, the luggage, the bodies, the blood? Why was there just a crater in the ground and nothing else? Where was the smoke that would be caused by such a huge crash a few minutes after it supposedly happened? Why do the pictures of this 'crash' not match the pictures of any other plane crash in our history of flight?

4) US Military action:

Where were the fighter jets? Why were they so late in showing up on the scene when there are bases a few miles away from the WTC's? Why were these planes allowed to go so far off course and not intercepted? Why was the military able to intercept %100 of the planes that went off course previously to this day and not the 4 that were 'hijacked' on Sept 11th? How could the greatest military might in the world fail so badly in protecting their own people? Why did the US only spend a few months looking for Osama Bin Laden, the guy who was blamed for the attacks, and 3 years in Iraq which supposedly had nothing to do with it?

So, you see, I have plenty of questions and no real answers. I'm sure many feel the same way I do. In fact, I'm positive they do because I've found countless websites, blogs, news reports and interviews with people questioning these very things. In fact, I've seen an increase in the number of people asking these questions since the time I first saw "Loose Change". There is even one celebrity (Charlie Sheen) who is brave enough to go out in public and ask these very same questions.

I have no idea what happened that day, nobody does. I definitely don't believe what the government is trying to tell us but, I'm not quite certain I believe it was an Inside Job or not. I do know that there is a lot of secrecy involved and that causes me to not trust those who try and tell us what happened? So, I guess I forge ahead and try and quench my thirst for information.

If you're thirsty too, watch the videos, read the articles, look at the footage and then, make up your own minds on what could and could not have happened that day. If you have further questions, demand answers. The truth has to be out there.

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  1. bakkouz // 3:33 AM  

    Fantastic resource page you have put together, Keep up the good work.

  2. Stephen Eli Harris // 2:08 PM  

    Thanks and I definitly will. At this point, there is no turnin' back until some sense of truth is uncovered.

    Everyone should be looking at this. Everyone.

  3. jostopholees@yahoo.com // 11:13 PM  

    Being canadian is no excuse for lack of logic, intellect and common sense. [though it's a given no one ever thinks "iq higher than that of toilet fungus" when talking about canadians]


  4. Stephen Eli Harris // 11:38 PM  

    Thanks for the link. I've added it to the list.