This new video/documentary from Planet PopX is one of the best out there and not because it's the newest out there. I personally like it because it doesn't focus on the actual attacks that day. It focuses on the questionable happenings leading up to the events on September 11th and after.

I predict this video will quickley rise to the top ranks of Google Video, along with Loose Change, which has for quite a while now sat in the number 2 spot.

Run Time = 1 hr 11 min 48 sec

For a larger version, go to the Google Video page.

Here is a message from John Albanese, the producer of the movie.

I wanted to pop in and let you guys know what the status of this film is.

You can expect some general announcements to come out very soon. We are currently putting the final touches on some of the lingering technical difficulties of getting this film prepared for online distribution – and Google is currently reviewing our submission.

The Tribeca screening went very well, and I am extremely grateful for the outpouring of support I am receiving for all over the world. Unfortunately, the volume of inquiries is making personalized responses impossible.

Additionally, the volume of traffic to my website has been monstrous, and my site is in danger of shutting down.

I would encourage you to feel free to copy this film, and post it, and stream it, everywhere and anywhere you can, to help relieve the traffic to my sites. I would only ask that you not edit the film in any way – or attempt to sell it in any way. I would also ask that you attempt to not post any heavily compressed versions that will make the film hard to view.

Additionally, 911blogger has very graciously agreed to convert and post my film on their site. My heartfelt thanks goes out to them for their generous offer and partnership. It is exactly this sort of community partnership that will eventually win the social revolution for people’s hearts and minds.

Additional footage from the Tribeca screening will be available online shortly as well. The film was very well received, and I think there is some power in showing the standing ovation we received, to help normalize people’s perceptions on 9/11. Representative from RawStory and Scope Magazine were in attendance – and a copy of the film has been provided to Vanity Fair upon their request.

I believe that UNITY is the most important attribute that we as 9/11 activists should strive for in 2006. There are many different opinions and theories and approaches to cracking this nut. Lets agree to disagree - but, ultimately, the only thing that matters is that 9/11 is exposed, and this tragic USA foreign policy that threatens to engulf the world be STOPPED!!!. We must remember that this is not a competition, and not seek to undercut each other’s efforts. We have enough barriers to overcome, without creating our own.

We move into an unprecedented dangerous time for American foreign policy. I believe that the 9/11 movement holds the keys to bringing sanity and true power into the hands of the people.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support.

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