Michael Meacher has organised a screening of Loose Change 2 at Parliament.

From Loose Change Forums:

It is now confirmed for June 14th. We will be showing it to an audience of up to 200 specially invited MP's, Members of the Lords, and lobby journalists.

Michael has made the following comments about the film: "It is a very formidable assembly of the evidence. It makes a very powerful case but it is a matter for people to make up their own minds."

According to Meacher, the data assembled proves that there are major discrepancies in the official accounts of what happened on the day, including the findings of the 911 Commission. "You are left with the question, what did really happen? It's clearly been very well researched. It is impressive by any standard."

Also found on the Loose Change Forums is a request from Dylan (the creator of the movie) requesting everyone write Michael and thank him kindly for this incredible opporunity.
Dylan Avery is urgently requesting that you email Mr. Michael Meacher and thank him for the Loose Change Parliament Screening. The honourable Michael Hugh Meacher's email is meacherm@parliament.uk. Don't forget to CC Dylan on this. His email is Dylan@loosechange911.com

Please take some time to make it as heart-felt and positive as possible. If you don’t have the time to write something lengthy, at least consider sending a simple “thank you for choosing to screen Loose Change” or something to that effect.

To get a better idea of who Mr. Meacher is, please see the following links.

WEB: Here is Mr Meacher's bio:

AUDIO: Michael Meacher MP Discusses 9/11:

AUDIO: Here is a BBC interview with Mr Meacher:

VIDEO: Alex Jones In London - Interviews Meacher, Shayler & Machon

WEB: Want more info? Google him:

Again Mr. Meacher's email is meacherm@parliament.uk and don't forget to CC Dylan on this. His email is Dylan@loosechange911.com

Keep in mind when you write your letters that Mr. Meacher is not into conspiracy theory, he is into conspiracy fact. There is a difference. He pays attention to detail so try to be careful about what you say. Remember that he is an intellectual statesman so please try to appeal to his good sensibility as well as his genuine nature and apparent alignment with truthers seeking to expose and review flaws in the official 9/11story.

If you are going to present facts on 911 in any way, please – please stay away from straw man arguments. As well, stay away from the pentagon all together. One of Alex Jones sources at CNN has just leaked that CNN is supposed to release new pentagon video today. Alex feels it is an effort to turn attention away from bullet proof arguments like WTC7. I agree. Also, try to stick with issues Mr. Meacher agrees with… PNAC, the U.S. preplanning of wars for oil, Norad standing down etc.

If you get a response from his staff, please feel free to email them back and respectfully ask to make sure Mr Mecaher gets your email and reads it personally. I believe the official policy of the House of Commons is that they are to escalate communication upon request of the sender.

Trust me on this one, appeal to his good sensibility. You will be surprised the message you can send if you put your heart and mind to it.

Incredible News and a wonderful opportunity.

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  1. Tom M. // 3:44 AM  

    Hi Guys,

    As you may know by now, Mr. Meacher has publicly withdrawn his support of the Loose Change Screening.. However, Dylan Avery has assured us that another MP will be taking Meachers place!

    I received a response from his PA, Monica Mason. I then followed up with an email pressuring her to give Mr. Meacher my messages and she agreed to do it. I expressed concerns over why he would have backed out and politely started asking questions like, "who got to him?" etc.. Think this made her sweat a little. She wrote back saying she would deliver the message and I am currently awaiting a response. It is very apparent that someone talked him out. The screening was already approved. Anyway, both Mr. Meacher and parliament don’t want people to think something is up and/or cause some panic. By writing to them, you are sending a clear message. By following up with concern after you get the initial email back from Monica Masson, you are adding to the pressure. If Meacher et al. do not follow through; this will send a clear signal to his constituency. Very bad for votes! He is in the Labour party - very powerful "for the people" sort of group. This will no doubt cost him further elections.

    Anyway, Dylan Avery says that the pressure is working. Another MP at parliament has stepped up to the plate and accepted the sponsorship over the film screening. So it is still going to happen no matter what. At this point, we should help Mr. Meacher act out of good conscience and save some face. After all, at heart, I truly believe he is one of us.


  2. Stephen Eli Harris // 2:33 AM  

    Thanks for the update Tom. Keep us posted. This is an incredible step for the movement!

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